Finite Element (FE) modelling and analysis is a scientific process. 

The material properties for each component are determined by testing, with each component then tested and modelled to check the material data. These components are then modelled and tested as a ‘system’ (the assembly of components) to predict performance. The predictive tools are continually fine-tuned against actual crash test results.

Validated FE modelling provides engineers and designers with the ultimate ‘what if?’ tool when it comes to selecting an appropriate road safety barrier for a specific site.

By combining validated data from actual crash tests with an array of calibrated software tools and data, GDTech’s team of specialist Simulations Engineers are able to generate numerous ‘what if?’ scenarios – using an array of vehicle types including motorcycles, cars, SUV’s and heavy vehicles (from small rigid units to B-Doubles), impact speeds and approach angles – for specific installation locations.

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